Do I need health insurance to save on taxes?

Do I need health insurance?

Some people will save money on taxes by buying a policy. Find out if this is you.

Also find:

  • what Medicare does and doesn't cover
  • what changes when you turn 31
  • how extras cover works
  • tips to help you decide where to go from here

Want to compare policies instead?

Why we'll ask you personal questions

Heard of the Medicare levy surcharge?

Australian taxpayers who don't have private hospital cover may face an extra 1% to 1.5% levy (tax).

It's meant to encourage you to:

  • take out private hospital cover
  • use the private system to reduce demand on the public one.

Answering these questions will help us work out if it applies to you.

Now let's work out if you'll save on taxes

Are you:
How many dependent children do you have?

When were you born?


How much do you earn per year before tax?
$ ,000

When was your partner born?


How much does your partner earn per year before tax?
$ ,000

What state/territory do you live in?

Do you already have private hospital insurance?